Periodical Work Permit

According to the International Labor Force Law No. 6735, which was published in the Official Gazette dated 13/8/2016 and numbered 29800, work permit is granted a maximum of one year in the first application to the foreigner whose application for work permit is considered positive, provided that it does not exceed the duration of the employment or service agreement,  either the real or legal entity or the public institution or organization, or in a specific workplace or in their workplace sits on the same line of work.

If the application for a work permit extension is evaluated positively, the foreigner is given a maximum of two years in the first extension application, depending on the same employer, and up to three years in following extension applications. However, applications to work alongside a different employer are evaluated within the scope of the first paragraph of the7th article.

Indefinite Work Permit

Foreigners with a long-term residence permit or at least eight years of legal work permit in Turkey can apply for indefinite work permit. However, it does not provide absolute rights to the foreigner who provides the application requirements.

The foreigner who has an indefinite work permit benefits from all rights provided by the long-term residence permit. The foreigner who has an indefinite work permit benefits from the rights granted to Turkish citizens, except for regulations in special laws, and to be subject to the provisions of the relevant legislation in the use of these rights. The foreigner who has an indefinite work permit has no obligation to elect, be elected and serve in military service and does not have the right to enter public sectors.

Independent Work Permit

Foreigners of professional professions may be granted independent work permits provided that the special conditions specified in other laws are met.

In the evaluation of independent work permits in accordance with international labor policy, the foreigner shall be able to Education level, professional experience, contribution to science and technology, the impact of its activity or investment in Turkish economy and employment of the country, the foreign company partner in the capital share and other considerations to be determined by the Ministry in accordance with the recommendations of the International Labor Policy Advisory Board are taken into account.

The independent work permit is issued for a period of time.

Turquoise Card

In line with international labor policy; Turquoise Card is issued to foreigners whose application is deemed appropriate according to the procedures and principles set out by the Ministry and the recommendations of the International Labour Policy Advisory Board with the impact of education level, professional experience, contribution to science and technology, the impact of its activity or investment in Turkey on the country's economy and employment.

Turquoise Card is issued provided that the first three years are transition altogether. The Ministry may request information and documents related to activities carried out by the employer or foreigner during the transition period. The transition time record on the Turquoise Card, which is not cancelled in accordance with Article 15 during the transition period, is removed in the case of the foreigner's application and issued a Indefinite Turquoise Card. This application is made before the transition period expires in any case, from a hundred and eighty days before the transition period expires. After this period expires, the application for the removal of the time record is rejected and the Turquoise Card becomes invalid. According to the provisions of the legislation, Turquoise Card holder’s spouse and dependent children are given a document indicating that the owner of the Turquoise Card is a relative and fulfilled residence permit. Turquoise Card holder benefits from the rights provided by the indefinite work permit issued by Law.

Turquoise Card application; Those who have internationally accepted studies in the academic field and those who have come forward in a field that is considered strategic in science, industry and technology in terms of our country, or who contribute significantly to the national economy as export, employment or investment capacity, are considered qualified foreigners. The provisions of this article do not apply to foreigners with temporary protection.


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