1-Real Estate Purchase

Foreigners who wish to acquire TR citizenship by exceptional way must purchase a property within the boundaries of the Republic of Turkey.

A foreigner can buy more than one real estate in the territory of Republic of Turkey.

The value of the real estate/properties to be purchased must be at least 250.000$ and above.

As sales operations related to real estate purchased by foreigners, the payment of the purchase price, making the contract of sale, title deed processes should be carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Turkey.

-Documents requested in the foreigner's purchase of property;

  •  Title deed or deed information of the real estate,
  •  Passport / Country ID showing the nationality information (with translation if necessary),
  • '' Real Estate Fair Value Certificate '' of the real estate from the municipality
  •  Compulsory earthquake insurance policy for buildings (residential, business, etc.),
  •  Identity Information Declaration Form and Photo (in the last 6 months, 6x4 size),
  •  Foreign Identity Number Determination (If no response is received from the immigration site, the transaction can be continued with the tax number.)
  •  Bank approved receipt,
  •  Sworn translator for the party who does not speak Turkish 
  •  If there is representation, the document related to the representation 

-Verification report on the sale of real estate;

In the process of foreign real estate purchasing, it is required to get Real Estate Valuation Report from the valuation institutions.

The total value / values in the valuation report declared in the official deed and / or the total of the value / values determined in the sales promise, the total of the value / values in the valuation report and the value transfer / payments, that is, the three types of values based on the valuation should provide at least $250.000

Validity period of the valuation report to be received is 3 months from the date of issue.

It is possible to pay the real estate value in Turkish currency or foreign currency through foreign or Turkish banks.

Hand payment is invalid.

After the payment is made, it is obligatory to get a signed / approved receipt from the bank where the payment is made.

2-Declaration to the Land Registry and Certificate of Conformity

The foreigner who wants to become a Turkish citizen must purchase a certificate of conformity after purchasing a $250,000 real estate that this sale of real estate constitutes eligibility for gaining Turkish Citizenship under the legislation.

The application process for this document is as follows.

·    After the sale of the property, the foreigner must personally declare to the land registry office that he / she is going to not sell the relevant property for 3 years according to 31-j and request a certificate of conformity

·    The application is made to the district title office where the property is transferred

·    The documents required for the issuance of a certificate of conformity are the title deed record, the valuation report duly prepared, the approved / signed bank receipt showing the payments of $ 250,000, the deed declaration and application form stating that the property will not be sold for 3 years

·    It is significant that these documents are fully and duly arranged

·    The process of issuing a certificate of conformity is carried out by the regional title deed offices and the file prepared by the district title office

·    A copy of the certificate of conformity is sent to the party, the migration management general directorate, the general directorate of registry office and the relevant district land registry office


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