Endeared Jobs and Duties to Turkish Citizens By Law and Professions and Tasks that Is Prohibited For Foreigners

  • Dental care, dentistry, nursing.
  • (In accordance with the Law on the Execution of the Style of Tababet and Shuabat Arts)
  • Pharmacy (In accordance with the Law on Pharmacists and Pharmacies)
  • Veterinary (In accordance with the Law on the Style of Formation and The Works of The Chambers of Veterinary Physicians)
  • Responsible directorate in private hospitals (in accordance with the Law of Private Hospitals)
  • Attorney (in accordance with law law)
  • Notary (in accordance with the Notary Law)
  • Private security guard (Law no. 5188 on Private Security Services 10.Md.)
  • Fish, oysters, mussels, sponges, pearls, coral export, diving, search, guidance, captaincy, wheeling, clerkship, crew, etc.(In accordance with the Law of Cabotage)
  • Customs consultancy (in accordance with Article 227 of The Customs Code No. 4458)
  • Tourist guidance (in accordance with Article 3 of the Occupational Law on Tourist Guidance No. 6326)


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