Domestic Application

For the foreigner:

  • Employment contract
  • Biometric photo
  • Passport
  • Diploma

For the employer:

  • Tax Plate
  • Trade Registry Gazette
  • Workplace balance sheet
  • Workplace activity certificate
  • Advance-fixing certificate (Advance-fixing certificate is obtained if the foreigner is healthcare professional - from the Ministry of Health; if the education professional -from the Ministry of National Education.)

Abroad Application

  • An employment contract is signed between the foreigner and the employer
  • Foreigner applies Republic of Turkey representations in the country s/he lives in, s/he passes the given 16-digit reference number to the employer in Turkey.
  • The employer or the e-declaration authorized person by the employer creates a workplace registration with e-signature in the Work Permit Automation System of Foreigners.
  • The employer fills requested information and documents by the “apply” menu and in the reference number from the “application abroad” tab and upload it to the system.
  • The application is completed by confirming with e-signature.

If the application is evaluated positively

Valuable papers and work permit fee need to be  reportedly deposited by the employer fee to bank account in Turkey Separately.

Then, work permit visa is received after the required visa application fee is paid to the Republic of Turkey representations.

  • The employer is obliged to submit a declaration of insured employment by contacting the Social Security Center to which he / she is affiliated, within 30 days from the foreigner's entry to the country.


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