Domestic Application

It is made for foreigners in Turkey who have valid residence permits for at least six (6) months. In this case, the foreigner has a T.R. Foreign Identification Number starting with 99.

Application Abroad

In the absence of residence permit, Foreigner goes to the Foreign Office of the T.R. in the country where s/he is national and apply for a work permit/visa. From there, s/he has a reference number of 16 digits to be given to her/him.

Extension Reference

In order to extend the duration of a work permit issued by Ministry; an extension must be applied before the expiration of the permit period, provided that the current work permit is in a period of no more than two months from the date of the end. Applications for extension after the expiration of the work permit are evaluated subject to the procedures and principles of the first application.

After a year of statutory working period, if the application for an extension to be made according to Article 7 of the Law no. 6735 is evaluated positively, a maximum of two years of work permits may be given in the first extension application depending on the same employer and up to three years in subsequent extension applications.

Applications made to work alongside a different employer are evaluated as subject to the procedures and principles of the first application. The request for the extension of the work permit is made on internet via e-government as in the first application process.

Work Permit Application for Temporary Protection For Foreigners

It is done for foreigners of Syrian nationality who are under temporary protection in Turkey. Foreigner has a residence permit of temporary protection.

Application for Work Permits for Foreigners with International Protection

It is made for foreigners who are under international protection in Turkey and have an application for international protection. Foreigner has a residence permit of international protection.


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