1- Documents Required for Residence Permit Application                                                                               

In the process of acquiring Turkish Citizenship through investment in an exceptional way, a residence permit must be obtained according to the 31-j sub-paragraph of the legislation.                                          

The documents required for this permission are as follows;

·    Online appointment application and form made on the website of the Directorate General of Migration Management

·    Copy of a foreigner's notarized passport

·    Certified birth certificate of the foreigner (whether to receive the approval of the Turkish consulate in their country or their country's embassy in Turkey to receive the approval of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

·    Certificate of conformity                                                            

·    Receipt indicating that the application fee and card fee have been paid

·    2 biometric photos to be given to the migration management

·    Private health insurance made in accordance with 31-j

2-Application Authority and Application Process

31-j residence permit application is made to the Provincial Migration Administration.

The application is made only on behalf of the foreign investor. There is no need to apply for spouse and children.

After the necessary documents are collected, the file is prepared and presented to the authority. The application form is filled out on the website of the General Directorate of Migration Management.

The information requested when applying via the Internet is as follows:

-Foreigner's first name, surname, father name, mother name, date of birth, place of birth (country-province), nationality, passport number, passport issue date, passport validity date, passport issuing authority, foreign country address, foreign country phone number, foreigner's profession, monthly income, foreigner's e-mail address, foreigner's address in Turkey, contact number in Turkey, marital status, health insurance company, policy number, renewal no.

After the file is prepared, it is presented to the office.

The fees and expenses said for the payment of the civil servants are credited to the teller of the provincial migration administration and the receipts are submitted to the file.

At this point, it is necessary to pay attention if the foreigner does not have a visa in Turkey at the time of application, the residence fee of TL 680 must be paid, if this amount is not desirable to be paid also must obtain a valid electronic visa or have a pre-existing residence permit.

At the time of application two signed, sealed documents are issued, which include the foreign number relating to the residence permit.

One of these documents is attached to the citizenship application file.

After this stage, a residence permit is obtained with the approval of the branch manager.

Other considerations that need to be considered;

·    The requested documents and qualifications vary with the province, but the birth sertificate of the foreigner added to the file must be approved.

·    Photocopies of the requested documents are added to the file.

·    There is no need to present the originals.

·    Exceptions to this are the photo, the petition issued by the lawyer and the receipt.

·    The documents given cannot be retrieved.

·    The residence permit becomes valid after approval by the branch manager.

·          It is notified to the lawyer via sms that the residence permit is approved.

·          After the residence permit is issued, the residence permit card is sent by mail to the lawyer's office.

·          It is very important that this card is stored until the application for citizenship is concluded.

·          The tuition to be paid varies depending on the country of the foreigner's nationality.


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