The second way foreigners can gain citizenship of the Republic of Turkey is the acquisition of citizenship through marriage.

S/He will gain Turkish citizenship if s/he stays uninterrupted with a foreign Turkish citizen for 3 years and meets the other conditions counted in the legislation. In this way, firstly the foreigner must be married to a Turkish citizen. At the time of marriage, the spouse must be a Turkish citizen and the marriage must continue uninterrupted for 3 years.

When these conditions are met, S/he applies for citizenship by submitting documents that reveal marriage and other documents listed in the legislation to the provincial registry office where he resides. In the absence of missing documents, the citizenship process begins. If the foreigner is deemed fit to gain citizenship as a result of the security investigation, s/he gains Turkish citizenship with the signature of the president.

In this way, foreigners should pay attention to the acquisition of citizenship;

To stay married to their spouses who are Turkish citizen for 3 years without interruption, to continue the marriage during the application and during the process, to notarize their passports in Turkish translation, residence permit, fill out the citizenship form completely and correctly.


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