The first of the ways to acquire citizenship of the Republic of Turkey for foreigners is the acquisition of citizenship on condition of residence for 5 years. The 5-year residence requirement is only one of the conditions for acquiring citizenship in this way.

With continuously residing in Turkey for 5 years the legislation as to provide written terms and other necessary documents should be submitted to the authorities. It is extremely important that the types of residence permits obtained during the 5-year residence are eligible for citizenship.

For example; It should be borne in mind that the time spent with the touristic residence permit and student residence permits is not counted from the 5-year continuously residence period sought to gain citizenship in this way.

In addition, the foreigners who want to gain citizenship in this way should not threaten the general health, public security, should be deemed suitable for gaining citizenship in the interview, and should submit the requested documents in a proper and correct manner.

This is the way to apply for citizenship primarily referring to the provincial immigration authorities in the province of residence of foreigners in Turkey should receive a certificate as to whether 5 years continuous residence in Turkey.

If he / she fulfills the condition of residence for 5 years, he applies to the provincial registry office where s/he lives in and applies for citizenship. If there are no missing documents after the application, the process begins. After the security investigation and interview stages are passed, the person gains Turkish citizenship with the signature of the president.

In this way, the issues that foreigners should pay attention to acquiring citizenship;

They must obtain their residence permits in accordance with citizenship, have their passports (covering current and old at least 5 years) and have a notary public certified in Turkish, get a health report, and complete the citizenship form completely and correctly.


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