1-  Citizenship Application Process

After the documents mentioned here are prepared taking into account the issues that need to be considered, the application is made to the authority. After completion of the application, the submitted application document is signed after thorough inspection. The gaining citizenship process begins. This issue is notified by e-mail to the lawyer and the application number is given. This number and date of birth of the investor foreigner can be traced on the website of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship.

In general terms of the status of the application:

·  The file is sent to the general office after the application.

·  It is sent to the relevant departments for security inquiry and archive research by the General Directorate.

·  If security investigation and archival research are positive, the file is evaluated by the general office and presented to the decision authority, namely the presidency.

·  In case of positive evaluation of the application by the presidency, the application is approved and sent back to the general office.

·  The approval of the citizenship request is notified.

·  The identity card is issued by going to the district population related to this approval document.

2-Acquisition of Citizenship and Notification

Citizenship is gained by the positive completion of all processes.

By the General Directorate of Population, the foreigner and the family members who have gained citizenship with applicant are given the identity number of the Republic of Turkey and the population records are created.

After that, a citizenship approval certificate is created and notified to us.

If we take this document as proxy, the document is signed by saying that this transaction is done by proxy.

The fact that the document is certified and sealed is checked.

This document is taken for foreign investor and spouse.

For children, this document is not provided.

This document is issued to the relevant district registry office.

In the process of acquiring citizenship, the residence permit card received is returned to the registry office, the address registration is created or corrected, and an identity card application is made.

3- Republic of Turkey Identity Card and Passport Application

After obtaining the citizenship confirmation document, ID card and passport application can be made by going to the relevant district population directorate. The process is as follows:

Online appointment is taken on the website of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship.

Randevu tarihinde onay belgesi, vekaletname ve 31-j oturma izni kartı ile gidilir.

Then the 31-j residence permit card is returned.

An application is made to the identity card by giving the certificate of approval.

The ID card is sent to the specified address within one week by mail.

Regardless of age, each family member must apply for the passport by themselves, because fingerprints must be taken.

Applications are also made for the passport by appointment. Passport will be sent to the address specified within one week by mail.


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